La ForĂȘt EnchantĂ©e offers the property exclusively for wedding photography, product launches, magazine location shoots, fashion previews, small corporate gatherings and intimate garden parties. It is also an ideal location for screen productions encompassing television and feature film.

Please feel welcome to contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

    La Foret Enchantee


    "Sophistication, seclusion and indeed nearly secrecy surround this small concern. There are no gaudy signs or flashing lights to show you the way, yet the property is well located off the main thoroughfare. Total privacy and decadence are ensured."

    La Foret Enchantee


    "La Foret Enchantee was the sublime location for our winter trends shoot. All winding forest paths, shady nooks and cosy interiors. It was the perfect backdrop for exploring exciting new colour themes for winter, including the decorative multi-texured look on our cover."

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